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Ready mixed under-tile tanking system

checkbox-img.png Protects water sensitive substrates
checkbox-img.png Idea for wet rooms, showers and bathrooms
checkbox-img.png Full kit to cover average shower size

About this product

A ready-mixed waterproofing system for protecting walls and floors that are sensitive to water in humid areas, such as sanitary blocks, wetrooms, showers and kitchens. The kit contains joint reinforcement tape and primer.

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Features and benefits

  • Protects water-sensitive substrates such as wood, plaster etc.
  • Ready to use – no mixing required
  • Easy to use – apply with a roller
  • Supplied in shower-sized kit


For protecting walls and floors that are sensitive to water in:

  • Humid areas such as sanitary blocks, showers and kitchens
  • Ideal for wet rooms prior to tiling


  • Not suitable for waterproofing exterior building walls, industrial floors or unstable surfaces.
  • Not suitable for tanking areas that are continually immersed, such as ponds and pools.
  • Not suitable for waterproofing roofs and terraces.
  • Not resistant to pressure washing on some substrates.

Technical Data

Physical properties
DescriptionBlue aqueous paste
CoverageApprox. 0.8 kg/m2
Drying time between coats1½ – 2 hours at 20°C
Drying time for fixing tiles3 – 4 hours at 20°C

Note: these values were obtained under lab conditions and may be significantly different under site conditions


Ensure that all surfaces are clean, completely dry, sound and free from dust, grease or any other contaminating barrier. Any joints between wood panels must be fully supported to prevent movement.

Any existing covering must be sound and capable of supporting the expected load. Scrape off any flaking paint and replace any hollow sounding tiles.

Emulsion paint is not suitable. Wash off any traces of maintenance products (wax etc) or grease and allow to dry.

Prime porous surfaces, such as plaster or cement, with the primer supplied and allow to dry for 2 hours. Prime non porous surfaces such as existing tiles or paint, and wood with and allow to dry for 1 to 3 hours (must still be tacky).


Do not apply if the temperature is outside of the range +5°C to +35°C and do not apply to frozen, thawing or hot substrates or in direct sunlight. Ensure that any concealed underfloor heating system is turned off and that the floor is cool.

Apply a coat of Ready mixed under-tile tanking system with a flat brush to corners, angles, around protruding pipes, into small cracks (must be stable and less than 2 mm wide) and along the joints between wooden panels.

Place strips of Joint Reinforcing Tape along the angles and cut to size with scissors so that all lengths fit tightly into any corners.

Reinforce around protruding pipes by cutting a star opening in a suitable length of tape, pushing the patch over the pipe and bedding it into the Ready mixed under-tile tanking system tightly around the pipe.

Taking care not to damage the tape, work it into the Ready mixed under-tile tanking system and smooth down with a flat trowel.

Do not butt-join or cut the tape short at corners. Overlap joints and all layers at corners bedding into Ready mixed under-tile tanking system.

Generously apply the first coat of Ready mixed under-tile tanking system to the area with a roller. As soon as the first coat is dry, apply a second coat in a direction 90° to the first coat, to obtain an overall film around 1 mm thick.

Wash tools in water immediately after use.

Allow to dry for at least 3 – 4 hours, or until the Ready mixed under-tile tanking system is no longer tacky, before fixing the tiles with a suitable tile adhesive. When the adhesive has fully set, grout the joints with an appropriate grout. Fill the joints around the perimeters with Weber Silicone Sealant.


Coverage is approximately 0.4kg per coat per m2.

This bucket will cover approximately 5m2.


Available in a 5kg kit comprising:

  • 4kg bucket of tanking paste
  • 1 kg Tiling Primer
  • Joint Reinforcing Tape

Storage and shelf life

When stored sealed in a cool dry place at temperatures above 5°C and protected from frost, shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture.

Health and safety

  • Essentially not hazardous.
  • Not harmful during normal use.
  • After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

For further information, please request the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.


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